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100% Natural Gray Kid Mohair 2-ply Handspun Yarn

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100% Natural Gray Kid Mohair 2-ply Handspun Yarn
Soft and Naturally Gray 2-ply Handcrafted Kid Mohair Yarn, 1.58 oz. & 2.1 oz skeins available.

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From our Farm to Your Yarn!

This soft kid mohair yarn is from our friendly, naturally dark gray Angora wether, "Sammy".  Sammy is a very curious fellow, and will follow me about the pasture hoping to get a little scratch around his horns or under his chin. The fiber is from his second haircut, when he was about 11 months old.

It is 2-ply, and there are two skeins available.  The first one weighs 1.58 ounces and measures 48 yards, the second weighs 2.1 ounces and measures 57 yards. The WPI is 11-12. It is nice and soft and there are little curls and nubs in this completely farm crafted yarn.

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Additional Information

Yarn Weight DK
Fiber Choices Goat: Mohair
Color Family Black, Gray
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed