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California Red Sheep Handspun 2-ply Yarn

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California Red Sheep Handspun 2-ply Yarn
Completely Handcrafted California Red Sheep 2-ply Yarn

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From our Farm to your Yarn!

This skein of home grown, hand combed, and handspun yarn is made from Pippin's fiber, she is one of our California Red Sheep. California Red Sheep are somewhat rare, and their fiber has stands of reddish-brown-black hairs in it (not as stiff as guard hairs like you would see in other breeds of sheep), which creates a natural oatmeal-and-cream coloring.

The skein is 2.86 ounces, and is 77 yards in length. (Bulky, WPI is 8) To start with, nearly half a pound of the raw fiber was gently washed and then rinsed a total of five times. The fiber was picked open, then hand combed, hand carded to align the fibers, and then a hackle was used to draft the fibers into roving. Two long strands of yarn were hand spun, and then the two strands were spun together, and given a final gentle wash.

This rustic yarn has variations in width (thick-thin) and twist, but California Red Sheep is not considered an ultra soft fiber. It would make a great winter hat, guy's scarf, or it would be excellent to use in macrame projects or weaving.

As with most wool items, this yarn should be gently hand washed in cool water, and placed flat to dry.

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Note: Made in a non-smoking, pet-friendly home.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight Bulky
Fiber Choices Wool: California Red Sheep
Color Family Brown, Natural/Undyed, White
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed