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California Red Sheep Wool - Raw 3.25 ounces

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California Red Sheep Wool - Raw 3.25 ounces
California Red Sheep Fiber - Raw, 29 ounces

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The California Red Sheep breed was developed in the 1970s in the Davis, California area. Dr. Glen Sperlock bred together Tunis sheep and Barbados Blackbelly sheep. The resulting breed, known as California Red Sheep, are still fairly rare. You can see from the close-up "cloud" photo, they have a soft fiber that also includes soft hairs of a cinnamon color (not stiff guard hairs) that add texture and interest.

This item includes 3.25 ounces of raw California Red Sheep fiber from our ewes, "Gala" and "Pippin". This is a good starter amount of wool to see if you like it! 

The staple length of the fiber is 2.5 - 3.5". The sheep are not covered (it's too hot here in Northern California!), so there is some dirt and vegetable matter. I do go through it all and try to pick out the worst bits.

After washing, the fiber spins up into a lovely variegated oatmeal/cream color, though burnt umber to gray tones may also occur (see photo of scoured fiber). The fiber would also be suitable for many fiber projects such as felting, spinning, and more.

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Additional Information

Yarn Weight No
Fiber Choices Wool: California Red Sheep
Color Family Brown
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed